Friday, August 25, 2017

Crown of Victory

You Hold me Close to Your Heart

Like a little delicate chick inside the palm, God sings His psalm. Where He tenderly upholds us in His righteous hand. Strengthening us and uplifting us (Isaiah 41:10) Dresses us in all His righteousness, as white as the snow glimmering in the night. He knows each and everyone of us so intricately. No thoughts or heart is hidden from Him. He wonderfully and fearfully created us all for His beauty and glory as He holds us close, uplifting us above all the clouds, above the darkest night, He brings us into His Love and glory!

For Him

Can't express enough gratefulness for His joy, love, comfort, healing, goodness, faithfulness, hope, strength, mindblowing awesomeness, aweness, praises, peace, goodness, warmth, wisdom, teachings, corrections out of love, righteousness, bliss, kingdom, healings emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually and many more to come. This is all for Him, the One who gave all that. There is no words to describe ...or not enough words to describe His enormous love that our limited mind can grasp.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

God's Mona Lisa

You have great value in God's eyes. As priceless and valuable the Mona Lisa painting is, God sees us as priceless and valuable, His MASTER Piece, His work of art. This is a requested and testimonial gift where God spoken word over this wonderful and beautiful woman of God, Lisa, while God was teaching me of how wonderfully and intricately and funny and unexpected ways He can speaks to us.