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Hello !

My name is Yueh Wei Chan, but it is pronounced as "Wei Wei (Way Way)" .

I am a freelance artist with capability to adapt to variety of styles. I also find myself a quick learner.
I have a diploma in Animation, and experiences in video editing, traditional painting, digital painting, editing photos, animating, creating pop-ups and illustrating children's book.

I am a believer in Christ Jesus. To me, He changed my life forever (including my art)

Been blessed to worked for:
Kratt Brothers Company on "Wild Kratts Season 4 and 5" as layout artist
Jam Filled Entertainment  for the "The Bagel and Becky Show" as layout artist
Illustrated for a fairytale's book (more information soon to be posted)

If you have any inquiries or interest in my work, you may contact me with this email:

Once again, thank you for your time and visit!

God Bless~

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